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“I support professionals, to do more of what they do best”

Colette Heneghan

I have always been passionate about food and natural approaches to health, however this wasn’t my first career path. I graduated from Manchester University with a First Class Honours in Business & Information Technology. I was super ambitious, had a huge interest in technology (especially mobile phones – the bill alone at university was testament to the extent of my commitment to it) and my goal was to be a CEO for a technology company as quickly as possible. I joined a large global telecommunications company as a graduate and worked my way up the business, changing roles every year moving onwards and upwards. I was the youngest in a high-performing team of Global Account Managers, managing a strategically important client, a huge revenue target and a dispersed virtual team.

The role was interesting, challenging and I enjoyed the competition, however I started to feel the consequences of being ‘hyper-connected’ ‘multi-tasking’ ‘information overload’ alongside ‘never-ending deadlines’. Sound familiar? This took it’s toll and I began to feel constantly wired and tired, with zero energy in the mornings, I swapped meals for meetings and day-dreamed about the luxury of having enough time (and energy) for the gym. I went on a mission for answers to remedy this, surely there was a better way!? Right? So, I asked colleagues, health professionals and people I admired, who I assumed were thriving in this climate – however what I found was quite surprising – they were overwhelmed, frustrated without time to breathe too! Their answer: ‘let me know when you find an answer!’

The challenge had been set, so I resolutely decided that I would find the answers, resigned and went back to full-time studies. I studied for 5 years, fast-forward another undergraduate qualification and a Master’s of Science later (plus diplomas in a whole range of areas from reflexology to NLP) and I have answers and a proven approach to inspire action ensuring we move from knowing to actually doing. Combining corporate, busy, deadline, technology-driven world understanding with human physiology knowledge to ensure the results are relevant, practical and achievable. With a perspective of: ‘I have been there, experienced it first-hand the daily pressure and felt the consequences, now let’s try a better way’

My personal mission and that of Optimum Living, is to support organisations, teams and individuals during these complex times, to create environments where people can be their best and truly thrive – enabling professionals to do more, of what they do best!


Meet The Team

I have a great team of like-minded associates whom support delivery of Optimum Living’s work, take a look at a few of the key team members here…


May Simpkin

Nutritional Therapist

May is a nutritional therapist, seeing clients at her busy clinic in Cobham, Surrey, where she has...


Nicole Lomas

Wu Style Instructor

Training under the tuition of Sifu Gary Wragg at the Bethnal Green Academy, London since 2007, Nicole...


Annie Colman

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Annie is a Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist at The Cobham Clinic in Surrey, having...


Jamie Blowers

Rocket Yoga

Jamie has been studying movement seriously for 20 years. Jamie trained in Dance at The Northern School...


The seminar was educational, eye opening, entertaining and importantly reinforced key messages that will aid performance and reduce risks associated with alcohol consumption in the sporting population. Thanks very much for your expertise.


Rob Leather, Head Physio, LCCC

Colette is a hugely knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic individual who has a natural ability to inspire people to improve their understanding of health and wellbeing issues. Colette is armed with a number of simple but highly effective tips which will help make a difference to the quality of individual’s lives.

Phil, Analyst, Enterprise Operations Telecoms

Colette speaks with real passion and belief which really shines through.  She also shows true understanding and empathy with her audience.  Highly recommended for well-being and health coaching in the workplace.

Hilary, Internal Communications, Mobile Telecoms

Amazing and a truly inspiring presenter, Colette makes accessible to the busy person health and wellbeing. Thanks for showing us the way – I guarantee your expert advice and guidance will be put to good use within our team for a long time to come!

Matthew, Corporate Sales, Software

Inspired, invigorated and feeling valued. This is how I left Colette’s workshop. After 18 years in a Corporate environment, no-one had ever offered advice on how to manage stress or improve my nutrition and energy levels, so this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you kindly for your insight. I plan to make ‘big’ changes.

Helen, Marketing & Communications, Telecoms

The approach to the subject area was the crucial bit for me, Colette made it relevant to business needs and used language that made it easy to follow. From the workshop I have made a number of changes that are positively affecting my energy levels and productivity inside and outside of work and 3 months on they are still part of my life. I highly recommend Colette and Optimum Living’s approach to any large global business looking to make some ‘real’ improvements to their team’s wellbeing

Richard, Global Account Manager, Mobile Telecoms